About Us

As a ministry our passion is introducing people to Jesus Christ by personally sharing a copy of God’s Word with them so they can hear the gospel message. We’ve been doing this since 1911, starting in Canada and spreading around the world through our international ministry arm, ShareWord Global.

Our mission is to ignite and fuel a passion in people’s hearts to share the gospel, training and equipping them so they can be more effective. Our coast-to-coast network of members do this on a personal basis whenever they can, but they also place God’s Word free of charge in common areas where people can find them—like hotels, prisons, and hospitals. They also hand them out to students, health care workers, military personnel, police officers, prisoners, and the general public at special events.

We partner with churches all over the world, training and equipping them so they’re more effective at reaching their communities with the gospel. Our prayer is that our partnership with them will help them grow through the addition of more people coming to Christ and growing as new believers.

The Scriptures we offer are designed to engage the reader in a way that resonates with them in their world and in their heart language. Whether it’s a Gospel of John, Scripture magazine, New Testament, full Bible, audio Bible, or digital Bible—every copy points people to Jesus Christ and His free gift of salvation.

Thank you for your generosity! It makes it possible for us and our global partners to introduce more and more people to Jesus Christ and putting a copy of God’s Word in their hands.